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Update: Zoe’s killing it

Posted by bcopple on October 29, 2009

Zoe with President ObamaTwo months and two posts ago, I introduced 17-year-old entrepreneur and fashion phenom Zoe Damacela. Since then Zoe has won $5,000 in a national business plan competition, met the President and scored a mentorship with Chicago’s top fashion designer, Maria Pinto. I wrote a full breakdown over at Enterprise City.

Sounds like the visit to the Oval Office was the highlight of all this, and why not. Zoe goes to the same high school that Michelle Obama attended, which the President apparently seized on during Zoe’s 10-minute visit, chatting the Whitney Young senior up about the football team and her plans for college. (She hopes to go either to Harvard or Northwestern; I’ve advised her that either of those would probably be fine.)

Back in Chicago, the folks at NFTE are angling to get Zoe on the Oprah show.

As a journalist, I probably shouldn’t say this, but the hell with it: I’m really happy for Zoe. There aren’t a lot of good things happening to people right now. I hope she sets the damn world on fire. We all know who holds the torch.



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