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Switching Sides

Posted by bcopple on September 4, 2010

How many people have written cover stories at Forbes and worked at a company that made the cover of Forbes? Who knows. And really, who gives a shit. But since I asked, I’ll answer. At least one person has accomplished this utterly meaningless double-whammy: Me.

Groupon CEO Andrew Mason (my boss)

Last month Groupon, where I’ve been an employee and shareholder since June, got the cover treatment from Forbes, which employed me for close to five years.

In the story, Forbes dubs us “the fastest-growing company…ever”—a smart thing for a reputable publication to say because it’s impossible to refute. Chris Steiner does a pretty good job chronicling Groupon’s meteoric rise, which I had nothing to do with, and the challenges ahead, which I hope to help the company overcome.

The best part of the piece is a quick sidebar showcasing the work of my team—the writers and editors who produce brilliant, hilarious descriptions of more than 100 Groupon deals every day.

You can’t imagine how much fun it is to work with people that funny and smart. We’re gonna do great things.

The old Housing cover story, Aug. 2002


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