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High Plans Duster

Posted by bcopple on August 16, 2009

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more about “High Plans Duster“, posted with vodpod
Wonderful WSJ piece about the partially sane pilots who fly cropdusters, set in my homeland of southwest Kansas. Cropdusters are a pretty common sight out there in the wide-open plains where there’s little to interfere with their aerial acrobatics. My dad, who had been a pilot himself, used to pull over to the shoulder so we could watch them work — diving and banking, pulling up steep to miss the power lines and then coming back so low you felt like you could jump up and grab a wing as they zipped by. One of the local dusters had flown fighter jets in Vietnam. I remember that, like the guy in this video, he had complete disdain for amateur pilots. He used to call those little twin engine Cessnas “doctor killers.”
On top of all the memories it’s revived, the piece has some great visuals. The shot at 1:30 of a sunset gets me all misty-eyed. There’s nothing much to see in that country, but sometimes nothing much can be really beautiful. I miss it.
If you like the video, the story is even better. Give it a read.


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