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Wilco loves you baby

Posted by bcopple on July 7, 2009

I’m not ready to pass judgment on the new Wilco record – have owned it just three days and have listened only twice front to back. I think I like it but you have to let it soak in.

However, I am ready to declare the song ‘You never know’ to be one helluva a great fucking rock song. It’s had my toes tapping all day today.

Interesting note: ‘Wilco (the album)’ comes with song lyrics in the liner notes. A first for them, I think. I always like that. Here’s the (mostly accurate) words to ‘YNK.’

And here’s the band laying it down in L.A. (tried to find vid from Conan, where they played ‘YNK’ in Nudie suits and sounded fantastic, but alas I think it’s gone).


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