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We don’t cook no pizzas

Posted by bcopple on March 11, 2009

090311_eia_homemade_pizzaHomemade Pizza Co. is the Chicago pizzeria that, like my father before it, doesn’t do any cooking. It’s also the subject of this month’s Entrepreneurs in Action video (produced by yours truly).

Homemade has 19 stores in Chicago, 5 in Minneapolis and 2 in D.C. It’s run by a smart, funny, no-bullshit entrepreneur named Eric Fosse.

Confession: We order Homemade Pizza all the time. So convenient – they deliver fast (no cooking time, you know) and we can eat when it’s convenient. The toppings are all fresh and natural, and I do think you gain flavor when it comes straight outta the oven, as opposed to out of the cardboard box where it sat for 20 minutes while the delivery guy found your house.

So this was a fun piece. Got to visit Homemade’s commissary, where they make dough and sauce for 1,000 pizzas a day in all the Chicago stores. Eric developed the recipe himself, so he could explain any little detail. For instance, they don’t use measuring cups for any ingredients – everything is weighed on a scale. More accurate.

Eric also let me in on some news: Homemade will soon have pasta on the menu (right now it’s just pizza and salads). He’s hired a classically trained chef from super-schmancy L2O to develop recipes. Look for frozen lasagna first.

And, last fall Eric bought a small farm in Southwest Michigan where he’ll grow lettuce, tomatoes and other ingredients for pizzas and salads. He wanted the farm because he wants to better understand the stuff he’s selling – and as a place where his staff can go to learn more about the secret life of foodstuffs.

Check it out.


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