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Callpod: Chicago startup that takes shit from nobody

Posted by bcopple on January 23, 2009

There’s more to this story. Callpod was dreamed up and started by a couple of software guys – Darren Guccione and Craig Lurey. They figured they’d come up with cool gadgets – 100-meter bluetooth headsets, multi-device chargers, etc – figure out how to build them and sell licenses to big gadget makers like Motorola.

So Darren and Craig had dozens of meetings with dozens of middle-managers at Moto, but kept running into walls of arrogance and red tape. Darren says they’d hear things like ‘if it’s so good we’ll make it ourselves.’ And ‘we’ll call you back in 12 weeks.’090114_eia_callpod

Eventually they said the hell with it and went off to make the stuff themselves. Never thought they’d get into the hardware business – with manufacturing, distribution and all the other crap. But here they are. Best in innovation at CES, selling their gadgets at Best Buy, Costco and of course from their homepage.


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